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Restore Your Core (RYC™) & Restorative Exercise

Janine's passion for helping people find comfort in their body lead her to discover Whole-Body Alignment and Natural Movement. She certified as a Restorative Exercise Teacher through Katy Bowman, and Nutritious Movement™ in 2013. Restorative Exercise uses a biomechanically based program of alignment and mindful movement to uncover compensation patterns and get all parts of our bodies moving correctly for optimal health, strength and comfort. 

In 2017 Janine also earned a teacher certification in a movement program developed by movement educator, Lauren Ohayon. Restore Your Core (RYC™) is a core training method that effectively reawakens our core allowing it to support us through all of our life and exercise movements. The exercise program helps those with issues stemming from a weak or unbalanced core (for example, pelvic floor disorder, dyastasis recti, musculoskeletal pains in hips, shoulders and neck), to move and exercise safely and effectively.

Click the "RYC™ Live!" button for a listing of my in-person "Restore Your Core" classes in Oak Park, IL!

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Purchase Lauren' Ohayon's online program here!

Use "RYC™ Online Program" button below purchase the RYC™ 13 week program for home use or as homework for one of my live classes!
Disclosure:As an affiliate I will earn a small portion of the profits when you buy through this link. Thank you!

Back Massage


Specializing in Myofascial Massage

Working as a professional Massage Therapist in the Chicago area since 1990, Janine has found that Myofascial Therapy is the bodywork modality that proves most effective with clients. She has devoted much study to trainings designed by Tom Myers (of Anatomy Trains fame). Both in person and through Tom’s DVD training series the Anatomy Trains courses has greatly improved Janine’s understanding of the fascial and muscle systems and helped her fine-tune her skills as a sensitive, effective manual therapist. She is able to connect with clients in a unique way that helps release “stuck” spots and reintegrate them for better function and comfort.
By Appointment only, Please email for inquiries and prices.

Tai Chi Class


Natural Stress Reduction

Developed by Dr. David Berceli, TRE® (Tension Release Exercise) is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress and tension. TRE® safely activates a reflexive  mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases stress and muscular tension, calms the nervous system and encourages the body to return to a state of balance.Through a series of gentle exercises and you can learn to use this mechanism as a self-help tool to help keep you physically and emotionally balanced throughout your life. 

Group classes and 1:1 sessions available.

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